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This content is distributed for the purpose of advertising or promoting services provided by VIG/C-QUADRAT TFI S.A. Presented results are for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute investment advice. The calculations are based on data specified by the user and on the assumption that withdrawals will be made after the conditions specified in the Act on Individual Pension Accounts and Individual Retirement Security Accounts have been met.

The Funds do not guarantee that the assumed investment objective will be achieved or that a specific investment result will be achieved. Presented results are of historical nature and do not constitute a guarantee of achieving similar results in the future. Handling fees are charged on payment into a fund or repurchase of participation units. The amount and method of charging handling fees are specified in tables of fees.

Due to the composition of the portfolio and the management strategy pursued, the value of participation units may be subject to moderate, high or very high volatility. The participant should take into account the possibility of losing at least part of the funds paid. Detailed description of risk factors can be found in the information prospectus and in the Key Investor Information (KIID). Prior to the purchase of participation units you should read, respectively, the information prospectus, the Articles of Association of the relevant investment fund, the Key Investor Information and the AIF Client Information. All documents are available at www.vigcq-tfi.pl.