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General information about investment funds.

The results of investment funds managed by VIG / C-QUADRAT TFI S.A. presented on the website are based on historical data and do not guarantee identical results in the future. Handling fees are charged on payment into the fund or repurchase of participation units. The amount and method of charging handling fees are specified in the tables of fees (link).

Current quotations of participation units are updated on the website immediately after the funds perform valuation of their assets.

The funds do not guarantee that the assumed investment objective will be achieved or that a specific investment result will be achieved. The participant should take into account the possibility of losing at least part of the resources paid. Detailed description of risk factors can be found in the information prospectus and in the Key Investor Information (KIID). Before acquiring the participation units one should read the contents of the information prospectus and the articles of association of the respective investment fund. Information prospectuses of funds managed by VIG / C-QUADRAT TFI S.A. are available on the website www.vigcq-tfi.pl and at Distributors.

Annual and semi-annual financial statements of the funds are also published on the website www.vigcq-tfi.pl.

VIG / C-QUADRAT TFI S.A. is not responsible for errors or omissions in the content of this website arising for technical reasons, in particular as a result of modification of this content by tele-transmission, including the content of fund documents, as well as quotations of participation units.

The individual rate of return on investment is not the same as the investment results of a given fund and depends on the value of a participation unit at the time of its sale and repurchase (redemption) by the fund as well as on the level of service charges collected and tax paid directly burdening the income from the investment in the fund, in particular capital gains tax.

Funds may invest in excess of 35% of the value of fund/sub-fund assets in securities issued by the State Treasury, the National Bank of Poland, a local authority, a European Union Member State, a local authority of a Member State, an OECD Member State or an international financial institution of which the Republic of Poland or at least one Member State is a member.

Depending on the investment policy adopted by the investment fund, the funds may invest assets in investment categories other than securities or money market instruments. In addition, due to the portfolio composition and the management strategy pursued, the value of a participation unit may be subject to moderate, high or very high volatility.

Participation units of funds managed by VIG / C-QUADRAT TFI S.A. are offered exclusively on the territory of the Republic of Poland. In particular, units of funds managed by VIG / C-QUADRAT TFI S.A. have not been and will not be registered in accordance with the US Securities Act 1933, and therefore may not be offered and sold directly or indirectly in the United States.

The supervisory authority for VIG / C-QUADRAT TFI S.A. and the Funds is the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

The Company is registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs maintained by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, 13th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the number 0000849820. Share capital: PLN 15,306,200. NIP 701-09-88-910.

Any additional information is provided on individual request.