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Tax benefits

Annual income tax relief or exemption from capital gains tax increases the value of your investments in real terms. You do not give back to the tax what you do not have to

Investment flexibility

You have full access to your savings. You can withdraw them at any time. If this happens before you vest, you will either repay the allowances or pay the tax due


You choose one of three strategies and we'll select the right funds to effectively meet your investment goals.


The composition of your portfolio automatically adjusts to your age over time, increasing the proportion of potentially safer instruments.

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Immediate tax benefit

Enjoy an income tax deduction every year. In 2022, earn up to

PLN 2 663,04

Save long-term. In 2022, the deposit limit is

PLN 8 322

You become eligible for tax benefits at age 65.

at age 65.


Investments without capital gains tax*.

No tax, more in your pocket

23% more profit

Save long term. In 2022, the deposit limit is

PLN 20 805

You become eligible for capital gains tax exemption

at age 60

*After taxes have been paid if you stop saving before you acquire your pension rights

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